Supply Chain Management for the Telecom Industry

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The Qualification Challenge for Telecom

In the telecommunications industry, technology outgrows its purpose within short spans of time, requiring frequent leaps of innovation. This is most evident in consumer-facing telecom technologies, but is also true of networks, chips, and other manufactured components. In order to stay ahead of the curve, companies in the telecom industry need reliability and safety in their supply chains. Did you know nearly 100% of tower climbers are third-party workers? Telecom supply chain risk management isn’t just recommended, it’s critical.


Since we started working with Avetta, we have a much greater comfort level with our contractors. The Avetta solution is a powerful tool; and, as a leader in our industry, we can use it to make the industry safer.

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Speed to Market

Nearly every carrier in the United States is jockeying for position to reach the market first to capitalize on these new demands. Of course in the telecom industry, the first mover benefit requires you to have qualified contractors and suppliers readily available to meet customer needs and expectations.

Avetta provides easy solutions to VET workers so you can get to market faster than the competition with less risk.

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Quality Contractors and Suppliers

Right now, the telecommunication industry is knee-deep in strategic partnerships and new projects thanks to the promise of developing technologies. With only a finite number of entities facilitating project rollout, the prospect of vendor scarcity is real.

This unequal balance between demand and availability is driving a mad search for qualified contractors and suppliers. Avetta’s Connect platform saves you time and money by helping you quickly qualify and find contractors according to your own standards.

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Reducing Risk

Rapid innovation in the market places strain on an already busy supply chain. Avetta gives you the tools to see your supply chain from a different perspective and meet the future of telecom logistics head on. Through our easy to use interface, robust analytics and data visualization, you’ll be able to quickly identify both Qualified and Non-Qualified contractors and mitigate unnecessary risks.

We’ve been helping companies like yours for almost two decades reduce worker incidents and save lives. In fact, after deploying our solutions, one company was able to reduce their TRIR by 74%. We give you a view into your contractors and suppliers like you’ve never seen before.

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Confidence in Your Telecom Supply Chain Management

When you are concerned about the compliance and availability of your supply chain, you miss out on other potentially game-changing opportunities. Our solutions help you focus your resources on the project at hand and experience sustainable, long-term growth.

An in-depth telecom supply chain management scorecard based on goal-alignment, performance metrics, and a robust track record ensures reliable operations and minimizes unforeseen overheads. This is best achieved with Avetta’s strong contractor management system in place.

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As a leading independent owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure across North, Central, and South America. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, SBA generates revenue from site leasing and site development services.

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Saves $100,000 per year in employee costs.
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Enabled rapid verification of safety and insurance requirements from any location.
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Simplified contractor management with web-based platform.
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Allowed system-wide alerts for urgent issues, product recalls, and more.

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