Supply Chain Management for the Food & Beverage Industry

Avetta maps the compliance and qualifications of your suppliers so that you can produce and market your products with confidence.

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Importance of Supply Chain Management in the Food & Beverage Industry

Unlike other markets, the food and beverage industry has to meet the demands of a highly engaged customer base. Whether you’re prepared or not, your supply chain will be subject to harsh scrutiny and diverse publicity. Prioritizing supply chain management protects your brand and reduces disruptions. In addition, with a thorough supplier management solution you can expect greater cost reductions and time savings.

Food Fraud

Extinguish Food Fraud with Supply Chain Sustainability

In recent years, food fraud has received more scrutiny and attention, and for good reason. The misrepresentation of food has the ability to severely harm individuals, especially when considering the increase of life-threatening allergies.

As part of the food and beverage network you have a responsibility to verify that your supplier and contractors are following correct business practices. The Avetta supplier solution helps you achieve that goal. With a configurable PQF process, you can feel confident the platform is tailored to your criteria.

Communication Challenges

Avoid Communication Challenges Among Contractors

Consistent communication among contractors and suppliers is a crucial step towards compliance. However, too often with large supply chains, communication becomes fragmented, resulting in outdated documents and risky behavior.

With the Avetta system, all of the materials you need from your suppliers are in one centralized cloud-based system. It simplifies the process, resulting in fewer incidents and risky behaviors. In addition, you can keep track of all the communication going out to your suppliers in one spot, so you don’t have to worry about mixed messages across departments.

Fluctuating Regulations

Keep Up with Fluctuating Regulations

With differing regulations across multiple regions, it’s a time-consuming task ensuring that your supply chain is compliant with all of these standards. However, holes in the process put your brand at risk. Penalties and fines are expensive, but the brand damage can be insurmountable.

The Avetta solution closes the gaps by ensuring your contractors and suppliers meet and beat your standards. In addition, our clear and simple interface makes it easy to see which suppliers are qualified and which are not, eliminating the risk of the unknown.

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