Supply Chain Risk Management in Construction

Today, digital technology is a differentiator in the construction industry as many companies look for greater insight and efficiency within their supply chain. Avetta’s construction health and safety software delivers a unified, cloud-based platform to source and vet safe, qualified suppliers.

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Supply Chain Management

Leading contractors operate on principles that produce consistent quality, sustainable value, and high return on investment. Some lesser-quality contractors may ignore regulation, use cut-rate insurance, or eliminate construction health and safety software and training programs in order to hit the low-cost bid. It is imperative that owners and developers avoid the risks and hidden costs associated with second-rate contractors.

safer construction sites

Build Safer Construction Sites

Construction sites are dangerous places. Heavy machinery, heights, and moving objects may be obvious dangers – others may be less apparent – but all can lead to serious injuries. Protecting your workers and creating a safe construction site requires organizations to go beyond minimum safety rules and think bigger. Companies must ensure that not only are their own employees following proper safety procedures and process but also their contractors and suppliers meet certain safety compliance requirements.

Over the past three years, Avetta clients have reduced their TRIR by *58%. Contractor management software helps mitigate risk by properly vetting suppliers and contractors, ensuring they have the necessary insurance, safety programs, training, and qualifications required for the job.

*Based on data from current Avetta clients and calculated by averaging the past three years across all accounts. Results may vary.

Improve Quality and Minimize Rework

Safety at the Worker Level

Qualifying suppliers and contractors will improve safety outcomes and provide higher quality work, but what about the individual workers? Have they been adequately trained? Creating a safe work environment requires more than organizational adherence to safety policies. Every individual within an organization must be committed and properly trained. However, qualifying and training every worker can be a slow and labor-intensive process.

Avetta’s Worker Management solution makes it easy to verify individual worker qualifications and provide online training for faster induction and ensures only the right people are allowed to perform critical job functions.

worker management

Improve Quality and Minimize Rework

Site managers play a vital role in developing and implementing appropriate worksite policies and quality control procedures. With the constant change of crew and suppliers from job to job quality and standards can vary. Often during the normal course of work informal processes can be overlooked and quality and safety can wane. Switching to a more structured management process helps improve quality on construction sites and reduce the amount of time and money spent on rework.

Avetta’s supplier prequalification software helps formalize the process of safeguarding only those contractors and suppliers who are vetted and compliant make it on the worksite.

brand and reputation protection

Protecting Brand and Reputation

Brand reputation is critical to growing a business. A positive brand reputation builds loyalty and increases customer confidence in your brand and product. Protecting your reputation is critical in today’s ultra-competitive market where one accident can have lasting implications.

Effectively managing an organizations brand and reputation is complex and many of the necessary organizational resources and capabilities are often isolated by function. Companies who effectively manage reputational threats typically have a strong governance structure that enables tight coordination across the organization. This structure facilitates proactive risk avoidance while enabling meaningful engagement with stakeholders throughout the company.

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CEMEX is a global building solutions company and leading supplier of cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. In the UK, CEMEX also provides asphalt, flooring solutions, concrete block and railway sleepers. CEMEX is a leader in the building materials industry that provides high-quality products and reliable service to both customers and the communities.

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Moved from paper-based supplier performance system to Supply Chain Risk Management Solution
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Avetta created a 360 Review for the contractors to review CEMEX as a client.
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Avetta created a Contractor Feedback System with the Avetta Organizer.
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Drove better performance across multiple buisness units through improved reporting and processes.

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