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A High-Reliability Safety 10 Minutes a Week per Person!


High-reliability operations can often sound exceedingly complex and leave individual employees wondering what they can do other than their individual jobs. However, high-reliability cultures need each team member to participate in safety to identify, assess, and control hazards better proactively. If we take a clear look at what high-reliability operations entail, we can determine the different parts each team member can play to increase safe work practices and conditions. Even better, if each team member spends just 10 minutes a week on safety, high-reliability operations can be achieved. This presentation discusses high-reliability cultures, how they are developed, and how 10 minutes a week from each team member can exponentially improve safety.

Upcoming Events
Sept 29-Oct 2
Booth #346
NECA - National Electrial Contractors Association
Oct 4
Safety Leadership in High-Risk Environments
Oct 18
Collaborative Strategies for Safety-Driven Procurement in Power & Utilities
Oct 19
State of Supply Chain Sustainability 2023