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The Future of Health and Safety Leadership

A 2021 Survey of Incoming Safety Professionals


The task of revisiting and transforming workplace health and safety routines post-pandemic has already begun. Interestingly enough this transformation coincides with the entry of a new generation of workforce to the market.

Millennials and Gen-Z-ers currently make a little over a third (38%) of the US workforce. In the next five years Millennials will represent 75% of the global workforce, making the generation the most dominant in the workplace. As this new worker demographic steps onto the world stage, the impact of their entry is expected to have ripple effects across sectors.

To better understand the pulse of this rising workforce and their impact on workplace safety, we invited 615 students enrolled in the Waldorf University Occupational Safety Program to take a survey and received over 50 responses.

This research report explores the rising generations' view on: 

  • Key challenges for future safety leaders
  • The role of technology in safety
  • Safety leadership and their responsibilities
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