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Effective Supply Chain Management for the Food and Beverage Industry

In an industry where pressures rise to meet customer demands, having a seamless risk management process is critical. Avetta maps the compliance and qualifications of your suppliers so that you can produce and market your products with ease. 

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How Avetta helps the Food & Beverage beat out its competitors by managing risk

Without Avetta

A mixture of different ideas, standards, and practices

Contractors come and go, while regulations are constantly amended, making it hard to keep up. But the responsibilities of the job don’t change – and an unexpected audit is always a possibility.

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With Avetta

Supply chain results consistent with your values

Avetta standardizes the qualification and review process ensuring your suppliers and contractors are upholding the same values you are.

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An industry subject to harsh scrutiny

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Liability for misrepresenting

Food fraud is receiving more scrutiny and attention, and for good reason. The tampering of food and its packaging could severely harm individuals, especially when considering the increase of life-threatening allergies. 

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Meeting consumer demand

Frequent shifts in consumer demand create shifts in production and staffing needs. Through constant transitioning, too often communication becomes fragmented, resulting in outdated documents and risky behavior. 

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Consequences of entering new markets

There are many industry regulations and guidelines that govern the safety and security of food, workers and worksites. It’s a time-consuming task ensuring that your supply chain is compliant with all of these standards but failing to do so can put your brand at risk.

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Is there hidden risk in your supply chain? 

Get a free risk assessment from Avetta

Risk management solutions that restore confidence in your brand

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Eliminate food fraud with supply chain sustainability

You have a responsibility to verify that your supplier and contractors are following correct business practices. The Avetta supplier solution helps you achieve that goal—with a configurable PQF process tailored to your criteria.  

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Avoid communication challenges among contractors

With our platform, all supplier information is in one centralized cloud-based system, simplifying the process and reducing risky behaviors. In addition, you can limit miscommunication by keeping all supplier communication in one spot.  

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Keep up with fluctuating regulations

The Avetta solution closes regulatory gaps by ensuring your contractors and suppliers meet industry standards. You’re able to see which suppliers are qualified and which are not, eliminating the risk of the unknown.  

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Find Food and Beverage Suppliers on the Avetta Network

The Avetta platform provides access to a roster of industry-leading professionals, vetted and verified to meet your team’s standards.

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Resources For Food & Beverage Supply Chain Professionals

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