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Extending ESG Best Practices Into the Supply Chain

A Review of Leading Organization Approaches
Extending ESG Best Practices Into the Supply Chain


Corporate commitments to ESG and long-term sustainable value creation reached an inflection point in 2019 when over 180 CEOs of leading US businesses threw their weight behind ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’—a concept that holds a business accountable to all its stakeholders - be it investors, employees, suppliers, customers, or communities. The idea signals a paradigm shift away from the longstanding notion of the primacy of shareholder capitalism. This white-paper will explore:

  • The growing importance of ESG: Risks and opportunities for companies
  • Supply chain sustainability is an important part of a company's ESG program
  • ESG supply chain implementation: The dynamics, motivation, and emerging best practices
  • Investors are increasing focus on the ESG supply chain
  • Emerging ESG supply chain best practices
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