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The Evolution of Sustainability & ESG


In today’s marketplace, mastering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact is key to staying competitive. There’s never been more pressure on companies worldwide to act responsibly in the face of factors like climate change, human rights, and public health. Companies must make positive, comprehensive decisions, not only to do the right thing, but to stay ahead.

Did you know that up to 90% of an organization’s ESG footprint is in its supply chain? Join us for this webinar to dig into social issues, examine the effects of COVID-19, identify supply chain risks, and better understand the ins and outs of ESG compliance.

Upcoming Events
Jan 25 - 26
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Safety services Manitoba
Jan 30-Feb 1
Austin, TX
North American Sustainability & Responsibility Summit
Feb 8
Safety Unicorns: Who are they and how do we replicate them?
Feb 20-23
Orlando, FL
Booth #218
NATE Unite
Feb 27- Mar 1
San Diego, CA
ProcureCon Indirect West
Feb 28
Leadership Series 4.0: Sustainable Supply Chain & ESG
MAR 1 - 2
Gold Coast, Queensland
OHS Leaders Summit
March 9
Women in Safety Summit
March 14-16
Tucson, AZ
TECH23 - EHS&S & ESG Tech Week