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Vetting and managing contractors seamlessly and improving incident response time for an energy major


The client is a F500 company that offers energy and utilities services across Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. The client has a diverse power generation portfolio that is aimed at building a future that thrives on resiliency, reliability, and cleaner, greener energy. Having operated for over a century, The client has continued to grow across the Gulf South and contributes to the local communities through social empowerment, philanthropy, and advocacy efforts.

The client distributes electricity, natural gas, and nuclear energy, and is increasingly relying on carbon-free sources for their suite of products and services. The aim is to not only power lives today, but to also ensure a better, sustainable future through world-class energy solutions. The client's vision of empowering their customers and employees as well as the owners and communities have made them one of the notable energy distributors of the Americas and their service excellence remains unmatched.