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Impact of Brexit

Insights Report


We partnered with Executive Network Group, UK to understand how 120 business leaders across industries such as construction, energy, aerospace, and manufacturing are adjusting in this new post-Brexit reality. 

With the uncertainty surrounding Brexit taking a life of its own, each organization will have its unique set of challenges, especially in supply chain and timelines around import of goods. This initiative sheds light on thoughts from C-level executives in procurement, health & safety and human resources. It also outlines the relationship between an effective supply chain and an overall sustainability strategy. Given the diverse set of evolving challenges, organizations are focusing how they can create long-term value taking into consideration ecological, social and economic environment.  

This report will discuss: 

  • Mitigating the impact of supply chain disruptions 
  • Legislations affecting corporate waste management and recycling  
  • Proactive approach towards procurement and long-term sustainability  
  • Talent pipeline and restrictions to free movement in the EU 
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