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Creating the Leadership Roadmap: The Importance of Mentoring and Investment in Today’s and Tomorrow’s Workforce


Among the many challenges and opportunities in today's world of work, healthy and effective communications remain at the top of the priority list in a multigenerational workforce. For the first time in history, many work environments include a workforce that spans across five generations, each with incredible value yet different experiences that shape our preferred communication patterns. Today, perhaps more than ever, we are seeing the importance of communicating and caring for our workforce in a manner that strengthens our relationships now, as well as set a better pattern for future generations to follow.

Tune in to this lively and engaging discussion with Scott DeBow (Principal, HS&E) and Avetta Fellow, Hugh Maxwell (Managing Director, Maxwell Safety Limited) where they dive-in to the real-life experiences, lessons and effective practices being leveraged by leaders and organizations who are focused on positive, societal transformation and understand that a better 'Future of Work' depends on our priorities, investment and relationships today.

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