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A premium compliance service designed to save you time and money


Save Time

No other service can get you up and running faster than Avetta’s in-house experts. Reviews that normally take 2-3 weeks are expedited and completed within 2-3 days.


Save Money

Vetify is an internal department here at Avetta so it costs a fraction of what fourth-party’s charge. Since we take care of all the heavy lifting you’ll also save time and money managing your account.


Get Risk-Free Premium Service

After working with thousands of companies of all sizes and industries, we’re so confident that we can help save you time and money that we offer a 100% refund if you’re ever dissatisfied with the service.

Doty Energy Group

Doty Energy Group | Streamlining compliance and reducing internal administrative burden through Vetify, Avetta’s premium support service

Through the Vetify service, Avetta’s team of professional staff and consultants aided Doty Energy Group in gathering, uploading, and submitting all required documents, which included expedited audits of the necessary documentation. This allowed Doty Energy Group to become compliant quickly with almost no time on their part. In fact, Doty Energy Group saved an estimated $28,000 with the Vetify service.


I thought the process was going to be overwhelming relative to the content, cost, and timeline. The Vetify team is very conscientious and helpful, they helped us enhance the safety and wellbeing of our workforce to better serve our customers.

Charles Doty, President, Doty Energy Group, LLC
Doty Energy Group

With Vetify you'll enjoy better service and a better price compared to outside companies

In-house Avetta professionals
No contract - 100% refund at anytime if dissatisfied with the service
All inclusive: we handle PQF's, expedite, and maintenance
Expedite entire review process for quickest results
Starting at $749* USD
Outside Company
Not associated or endorsed by Avetta
Bound by contract - no refunds unless recently paid
Separate costs for prequalification, safety manual, and maintenance. Lowest package is more expensive than Vetify.
Unable to expedite any review process
$1,500 - $5,000+ USD

Here's how we help

Dedicated Consultant

Enjoy year-round expert assistance through a dedicated consultant line.

Vetify offers premium support and account maintenance to help ensure you're always ready for your next job.

Questionnaires (PQF's)

We can help speed you through PQF process.

The required tasks often include hundreds of safety and industry-related questions. We help complete all questionnaires with accuracy and quickness, dramatically reducing the time you spend on the account.

Expedited Reviews

Get feedback in as few as 1-3 days.

Your time is valuable. Through our Vetify premium support, reviews and services are expedited saving you not only time but also money.

Variance Requests

Variance requests are facilitated and managed for you.

Are there requirements that don’t apply to your company’s scope of work? If it doesn’t apply, it shouldn’t impede your progress. Our Vetify team helps facilitate variances with your client so you can still achieve compliance. Simply let us know and we’ll help take care of it.

Annual Update

Take a hands-off approach to updating your account each year.

Our team will complete your Annual Update for you, including relevant health and safety statistics for the 3 previous years.

Certificates of Insurance

Proactive insurance policy renewal collection.

We can work directly with your insurance agent or provider to streamline the process of receiving, uploading, and submitting your COI's.

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What Suppliers are Saying

The Avetta process seemed overwhelming for a small business like mine. This service guided me through the process with help that was very responsive and accessible with a great attitude. It was well worth the price.
Tim Stephan, Owner, Canopy Refresh, LLC

Schedule a Consultation

Talk with our team to review your account and see how we can help.

*Pricing may vary by country. For cost within your specific country please call.

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