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The Ultimate Safety System…Revealed!


The typical focus in safety is that the human being is our weakest link in safety, that their 'at risk' behavior should be changed to ‘safe behavior’ and we should train them to be vigilant, aware and focused.

This notion flies in the face of the true nature of humans: skilled and naturally able to deal with risks, incredible brain power, and with a capability to deal with the dynamic risks of our complex work environment. No machine or Artificial Intelligence can or will ever do that and current approaches in safety are actually making the human being less competent. We are more exposed to deal with a complex world...that is only getting more complex.

Safety is not rocket science…it is far more complex than that!

This presentation by Avetta Fellow, Corrie Pitzer, will show the pathways to develop and increase the biggest safety defense of all: the human operator, as the strongest link in the safety chain.

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