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Leading Contractor Compliance Challenges and Priority Initiatives for Health, Safety & Environment Professionals in Australasia


In 2020, 2021 and much of 2022, workplace health and safety were the focus of unprecedented att¬ention globally as Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) professionals were forced to deal with the fall-out from the coronavirus pandemic. Continual changes in regulations were followed by a gradual return to ‘normal’ for HSE teams across Australia and New Zealand. These regulatory changes increased pressure not only on HSE leaders, but also on the entire workforce – employees and contractors.

Today, Australasian HSE leaders are contending with psychosocial issues made worse by the pandemic and today’s economic uncertainty — against a backdrop of severe skills shortages. This is compounded by pressure to change organisational culture, address ESG requirements and implement new technology — amidst heightened cybersecurity risk. In parallel with this, megatrends such as digitalisation, climate change and globalisation are transforming the world of work.

New technology and mobile work processes are creating opportunities for HSE leaders to be¬tter manage compliance across their workforces, promote a safety culture, induct and train the workforce efficiently, and report on ESG objectives. Importantly, advances in technology, strategy, and the digital workforce allows HSE teams to gain much greater visibility of contractor and subcontractor activities, ensuring compliance and centralising contractor management.

This white paper highlights the increase in the use of contractors and subcontractors in Australia and New Zealand, the challenges this poses, and key initiatives for HSE teams in 2023 and beyond. Download to learn more about:

  • Consistent compliance verification for employees and contractors
  • Top challenges for HSE leaders
  • Priority HSE initiatives
  • Gaining visibility across the entire workforce
  • Ensuring compliance leads to a greater focus on contractor management
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