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Mitigating Financial, Liability and Cybersecurity Risks with Avetta One

Track and manage the Financial and Cyber health of your Suppliers while monitoring Liability Risks in your supply chain
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Extended supplier networks can be susceptible to several types of risks in the form of financial viability, liability, and cybersecurity. Managing and tracking the hidden liability risks and financial health of every supplier in complex supply chains that extend across borders can be a difficult target to achieve. And, when it comes to suppliers’ financial failure, a single instance is one too many. This makes tracking and managing liability risks and supplier financial health a priority for modern enterprises today.

  Similarly, the indispensability of cyber resilience in modern, complex supply chains also cannot be overstated. Without proper cybersecurity measures and information protection controls in place, companies risk millions of dollars’ worth of intellectual data and confidential company information.

The Importance of Constantly Monitoring Liability Risks, Supplier Financial Viability and Cyber Resilience

Avetta One


Manage Risk for Any Supplier

Built with complex supply chains in mind, Avetta organizes and keeps all of your supplier documentation up to date, accurate, and available at any time.

Manage your supplier relationships, evaluate compliance status and ensure worker safety, all in one application – Avetta Connect.
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