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Avetta übernimmt Pegasus | So entsteht der weltweit größte Anbieter von Lösungen für Supply-Chain-Risiko- und Mitarbeiter-Management. Mehr lesen

Webinar: Defining Your Supply Chain Risk Profile: How to Leverage Technology for Risk Mitigation

On-Demand Webinar


Supply chain managers are tasked with sourcing, procuring, and moving goods in a cost-effective and timely manner. The growing global market exposes supply chains to increased risks to a company’s bottom line and brand. It is critical for supply chain managers to understand the risks and determine how best to manage those risks.

In this webinar Mike Esquivel, Chair of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Department Technology at Tarrant County College discusses tactics to mitigate risk including, SaaS based technology, and automated risk solutions.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to define risk management
  • Various risks to global supply chains
  • How to use SaaS technology to mitigate risk
  • How to use other risk management software tools
  • Examples from case studies

Learn best practices for overseeing construction project personnel to protect your brand against accidents & criminal liability.


Michael Esquivel
Chair, Logistics and Supply Chain Department, Tarrant County College

Michael Esquivel is the chair of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Department at Tarrant County College’s Northwest campus. He joined TCC in January 2013 after working 17 years with Kraft Foods in a variety of manufacturing and supply chain positions.

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