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COVID-19 & Supply Chains: A Comprehensive Guide

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The COVID-19 pandemic caught the world unsuspecting and unprepared. From material shortages to mandated shutdowns, business professionals have had to mitigate unprecedented challenges without a playbook at hand.

This comprehensive ebook compiles over 20 different resources showing how to build resilience in an unstable world. From business continuity planning and supplier sourcing to managing worker concerns and social distancing, this guide contains best practices for any organization.

Some of the topics included are covered below.

How to Combat the Contagion in Your Workplace

One of the most important ways to build COVID-19-resilient supply chains is by combating the contagion in your workplace. This can be done by making strategic decisions in relation to engineering, administration, and work safety. COVID-19 can also be kept at bay by using proper PPE.

For example, employees should be protected from hazards by using highly efficient air filters and physical barriers like sneeze guards, and by improving ventilation in the workplace. Administrative measures should be adapted to allow for sick workers to stay home, reduced physical contact among employees, and creating additional training programs.

Tips for Adapting to Outside Forces

What happens when your workplace is required to shut down, whether due to COVID-19 supply chain disruption or anything else? During this crisis, there may be forces outside your control. The best way to adapt is by developing a plan ahead of time, ensuring your business is able to run smoothly and to easily transition even when you’re not operating from your traditional workplace. This can be done using time management training, teaching employees how to organize their work from a remote location, and by always keeping communication channels open. It’s also important to reassure employees and minimize feelings of fear and uncertainty.

What the Return to the Workplace Looks Like

When it’s time to return to the workplace, you probably have many questions about how to get back to work. You’ll need to implement COVID-19 supply chain innovation if you want your business to thrive during and after the transition. Adapting your supply chain will result in long-term resilience and will benefit your company in the future. Get started by:

  • Shifting your focus from response management to recovery management
  • Creating a supply chain risk assessment mechanism
  • Reevaluating supplier management
  • Digitizing supply chain operations


The Inevitable Future of Supply Chains

The pandemic will pass eventually, but its effects will live on in our supply chains for years to come. Developing a COVID-19 supply chain impact map will help your company achieve total visibility of your supply chain and identify key suppliers. This map should go beyond Tier 1 to help mitigate loopholes and create a supply chain that is resilient even in the face of unexpected crises. This can be done by creating a task force, reviewing data analytics, assessing risk, and creating thorough scenario planning.

Much, Much More!

No matter what questions you have about the COVID-19 supply chain disruption, Avetta can help. Learn more about how to find order in the chaos, safely operate in COVID zones, and manage concerns and fear among your employees. We provide helpful business continuity guides and finish off with actionable next steps so you know just how to take the future in stride. Get peace of mind today by educating yourself on building resilience in an unstable world.

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