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We surveyed 400+ safety professionals on diversity in the supply chain. Here's what they had to say

Facilitating Risk Management for the Construction Industry

Managing hundreds of compliance standards across multiple sites with both employees and contractors can be a struggle. Avetta’s construction health and safety software delivers a unified, cloud-based platform that qualifies suppliers for your worksites.

Avetta Industries Construction

How Avetta helps Construction companies eliminate risk

Without Avetta
Unsafe and unqualified
vendors can find a way in

Construction juggles many external vendors and an ever-changing crew, with only partial visibility into who’s coming and going or if safety regulations are being met. 

Without Avetta
With Avetta
Proper management and training of vendors
creates a safer environment

Ensure your construction sites meet safety regulations and stay on top of qualifying new workers with Avetta. 

With Avetta

A sector where incidents are too familiar

occupational hazard icon
Safety hazards lead to worker incidents

Construction sites are dangerous work areas. Protecting your workers and creating a safe environment requires organizations to go beyond minimum safety regulations. 

Training Icon
Proper training takes time and resources

Construction sites include individuals at different levels of experience, however, qualifying and training every worker can be a slow and labor-intensive process. 

Contractor Icon
Issues with subcontractors and suppliers arise

Crew and suppliers are constantly changing on sites, so quality and standards can vary. Even during the normal course of work, processes can be overlooked, and risks can increase if contractors are not efficiently trained. 

Profit Loss
One incident, lasting implications

In an ultra-competitive market, one incident on site can negatively impact your business and reputation—leading to losses in profit, customer loyalty and investment. 

Risk Assessment
Is there hidden risk in your supply chain? 
Get a free risk assessment from Avetta. 

Safety solutions in a hazardous industry

Safery Icon
Build safer construction sites

Companies must ensure that not only are their own employees meeting certain safety compliance requirements but also their contractors and suppliers. Avetta’s contractor management software helps properly vet suppliers and contractors, ensuring they have the necessary insurance, safety programs, training and qualifications required for the job.  

Contractor Icon
Safety at the worker level

Avetta’s Worker Management solution makes it easy to verify individual worker qualifications and provide online training for faster induction—ensuring qualified individuals are performing the jobs across all functions.  

Improve quality
Improve quality and minimize rework

Construction sites have suppliers and contractors coming and going. Switching to Avetta’s prequalification software helps improve quality on sites by identifying the high performing contractors and suppliers who are compliant to your standards. 

Protecting brand and reputation

Brand reputation is critical to growing a business. Avoiding risk and managing reputational threats are key to maintaining your positive reputation and meaningful engagement with stakeholders.

Find Construction Suppliers on the Avetta Network

The Avetta platform provides access to a roster of industry-leading professionals, vetted and verified to meet your team’s standards.

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