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10 May 19

TMC Net: Avetta Launches New Technology Platform, the Most Configurable and Easy-to-Use in the Industry

"Avetta's advanced analytics not only improve visibility and control for current and future supply chain risk management issues, but also impacts safety and compliance, which saves lives," said John Herr, CEO of Avetta. "Both clients and suppliers can reduce risk, enhance compliance and grow their businesses through the use of Avetta's advanced analytics. Avetta contributes to creating safer workplaces, ensuring that workers return home safely each night to their families."

Co-innovation is a key part of Avetta's technology development process. Working closely with clients and suppliers to create an evolving user interface (UI) has produced a highly organized platform that is easy-to-use, saves time and aggravation for both sides of the supply chain risk management equation. The platform delivers the ability to make rapid changes in requirements and rules and permits vendors to easily respond to their potential clients' needs. The platform is highly compartmentalized so that a single change doesn't impact other areas.

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