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10 May 19

FORWARD GEEK: Avetta Launches New Technology Platform, the Most Configurable and Easy-to-Use in the Industry

Avetta’s analytics is a game-changer for its customers, providing the ability to bring data from many sources into one cloud-based platform to manage supply chain risk with customized dashboards and visualizations. Customers can build their own tables, charts, filters, and groupings to create interactive reports and dashboards for a high level of visibility into areas of concern, such as missing information, high incident rates, and historical trends.

Its predictive analytics functions are highly interactive and allow clients to see both retrospective and current trends, helping them to view past performance and determine the likelihood of job completion according to requirements. Customized reports can be easily downloaded and set up as an ongoing subscription as well. All of these things can be completed within the platform without having to export to external programs for data modeling purposes.

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