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09 May 19

SUPPLY CHAIN BRAIN: Transforming Your Supply Chain Into an Opportunity Center

Last year, supply-chain disruptions hit a record high, with North America at the top of the list as the most affected region. In fact, 1,069 events took place within just the first six months of the year – the highest since 2010.

As new markets open up or change, even more significant risks may come to the fore. It is more critical than ever for companies to increase visibility not only into their own operations, but also their supplier and vendor ecosystems as well. With so much risk in play, any technology that helps companies stay immune to forces of disruption is well worth the investment.

Many organizations have yet to take advantage of the strategic role of technology and its potential to reduce risk. A recent Deloitte survey reveals that 51 percent of respondents in the manufacturing sector believe that digital maturity of their supply chain is above average compared to their competitors. Only 28 percent, however, have begun digitizing their supply-chain operations.

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