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29 April 19

SMART HUSTLE: 4 Ways To Improve Your Network and Create New Relationships

We all know the strength of business networking and are for the most part are doing our best to be in the right places to be present and engaged with the best possible “others” (prospective customers, industry peers connectors and influencers).

But suppose your business is specialized to a very specific niche? You may be a contract provider to an industry sector or a service provider in construction, or in logistics and shipping or training. And suppose your dream come true would be the ability to work within the vendor system of the giants like British Petroleum or Chevron.

No amount of networking or hustle is likely to land you in a ballgame like that, regardless of the events you attend or how engaging you are. To that end, here are a few helps on the ways to extend your networking activities into the realm that face to face events and social media doesn’t reach.

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