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28 February 19

CEO Today: John Herr Highlighted in the Hall of Fame

John Herr is the CEO of Avetta. He graduated from Harvard Business School in 1993, and has been with Avetta for 4 years. Avetta, formerly known as PICS (PICS Auditing), are a global supply chain risk management software company - they vet the risk, safety, sustainability and quality of industrial contractors all over the world. John brings more than 20 years of executive leadership experience in the cloud software, Internet businesses, global marketplaces, and financial services sectors and leads Avetta with a rich history of scaling growth-stage companies into large enterprises. He recently led the successful merger of Avetta and BROWZ, another leading provider of similar services in the supply chain risk management sector. Below, John walks us through Avetta and the lifechanging services they provide to both customers and suppliers around the world.


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