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29 March 17

Announcing Enhancements to Avetta Analytics

Today we are thrilled to announce significant enhancements to our analytics platform. As part of our ongoing commitment to be the leader in supplier prequalification, safety and sustainability we have continued to co-innovate with our clients to bring user-centric solutions to the market. These latest enhancements are the result of more than a year’s work with the help of 12 client companies who provided direction on product development.

“We enhanced our analytics platform for one simple reason,” says Avetta CPO, Kevin Berens. “To give our clients the best visibility into the safety and sustainability of their supply chains so they can make better business decisions. Avetta Analytics is a powerful reporting engine that provides fast, on-demand insights as well as the freedom to go deeper and explore new connections.”

Avetta Analytics is available now for companies that need to bring safety and sustainability to their complex supply chains. To learn more, visit avetta.com/solutions

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