Avetta helps manage sustainability in supply chains through prequalification, document management, auditing, employee-level qualification and training, insurance verification, and business intelligence.

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Supply Chain Management Sustainability: What is it? What are the benefits?

In the pursuit of sustainable growth, organizations must extend their commitment to responsible business practices into their supply chains. They should proactively manage and seek to improve the environmental, social, and economic performance of their supply chain—not only to meet societal expectations or regulatory requirements, but also to drive their own success.

Avetta is proud to support our customers on their journey to sustainability. We help them to manage environmental, social, financial and economic impacts and grow long-term value throughout the supply chain through prequalification, document management, auditing, employee-level qualification and training, insurance verification, and business intelligence.

What Makes a Supply Chain Sustainable?

A supply chain is sustainable if it has long-term support in both natural and social aspects. In other words, a sustainable supply chain knows what its limitations are when it comes to social and environmental resources and is able to operate within these limits. The focus is on what will last rather than just what is legal, ethical, or responsible. In order to make improvements in sustainability, a company must be able to track, measure, and analyze information about the environmental and social impacts it is creating. It becomes even more important to have precise data when it comes to risks, costs, and compliance, so that supply chains can more accurately predict what will be sustainable and what won’t.

A company looking to increase sustainability from their suppliers can begin by identifying challenges their suppliers may be facing and then make an effort to support them. Communicating expectations about sustainability will help suppliers to see the long-term goals and work with you to reach them. Next conduct an assessment or have suppliers fill out a questionnaire so you can collect data and find out where improvements need to be made. Finally, initiate a training process to ensure everyone knows the protocol for achieving sustainability.

Managing for Sustainability

Avetta helps our clients create, protect, and grow long-term value by mitigating sustainability risks in the supply chain.

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Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

With a focus on environment, occupational health, and safety at work, Avetta’s management platform, supplier prequalification and auditing services enable the prevention of incidents or accidents that could result from a lack of visibility or oversight.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR, sometimes referred to as the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit)—refers to the business practice of participating in initiatives that benefit society. Avetta supports its clients in this initiative by helping them choose suppliers who are aligned with their beliefs about environment, philanthropy, and ethical labor practices.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Bribery and corruption are common challenges for foreign investors when they arrive at unknown territories to do business, and they represent a major threat to commercial activity. These threats can be dramatically reduced through the Avetta methodology of risk assessment, supplier prequalification and induction processes.


The responsibility for environmental protection is a cornerstone among voluntary actions taken by Avetta clients, but the most significant impacts on the environment, in terms of corporate operations, occur in supply chains. The Avetta solution helps our clients to extend their commitment to responsible business practices out into the supply chain.

Financial Viability

Suppliers with sound financial viability can generate sufficient income to meet operating payments and debt commitments—all while allowing for growth and maintaining service levels. Avetta helps our clients to identify suppliers, contractors and vendors who meet their financial viability requirements, thus reducing risk and strengthening the supply chain.

Planning for Supply Chain Sustainability

Avetta works closely with other industry leaders to help our customers understand and plan for supply chain sustainability.


Your company recognizes the value of sustainability, but what about your supply chain? Do you know if suppliers have sustainable practices in place, and are they aligned with yours? Avetta’s Sustainability Evaluation both answers these questions and empowers your suppliers to become more socially responsible. Evaluations are configurable for all aspects of sustainability including corporate social responsibility, anti-bribery & corruption, labor & employment, environment, and occupational health & safety.

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Avetta Case Study


LafargeHolcim is a company committed to sustainability, and to the health and safety of the people who work at its plants and job sites around the world. But to meet their sustainability goals, they needed help. Avetta provided a solution, giving LafargeHolcim the capability to assess suppliers based on their human rights record, a key requirement for the company.

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“Before Avetta, there was no simple, objective way to measure a supplier’s record on social responsibility, human rights issues (bribery, corruption, child labor), and other issues related to sustainability.”

Cristiane Oliveira

Procurement Specialist, LafargeHolcim Brazil

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