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Supply chain management software can be broad. Avetta’s focus is to help organizations to manage and mitigate contractor risk in the supply chain.

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Supply Chain Risk Management

Avetta’s supply chain risk management software helps organizations to identify and mitigate risk within their supply chains through contractor prequalification, document management, worker management, auditing, employee-level qualification and training, insurance verification, and business intelligence. Our proprietary SaaS platform is highly customizable and adaptive for businesses of all sizes and is used by more than 90,000 customers in over 125 countries.

Advantages of Avetta’s Supply Chain Management Software


Designed to enable long term sustainability and growth for businesses of all sizes.


Bring corporate operations and suppliers together and enrich existing systems by integrating Avetta prequalification data.


Global management, oversight, and expansion from a single platform.


Gather deep insights to identify and mitigate risk in your supply chain.


Reduce management burden by improving processes and streamlining workflows.


User-centric design simplifies complex data capture, management and reporting.

Supply Chain Management Software & Services

Avetta's supply chain management software helps organizations to identify and mitigate risk within their supply chains.

Questions you should consider:

  • What kinds of qualifications do you need from workers?
  • What kind of reportable incidents have your suppliers had in the past year?
  • Who has the experience, capacity, and tools you need to get your project done?
  • What risks do you face: political and geopolitical, weather, regulatory, labor market?

You need a solution to organize the knowledge and keep track of your needed qualifications and who meets them, as well as the documents that support those qualifications.

You also need a system that allows you to see and analyze connections between the information.

Avetta’s customizable supply chain risk management software allows you to hold and analyze all of that valuable information.

Supplier Prequalification

Supplier Prequalification

Get instant access to prequalification information for your entire supply chain. Avetta's cloud-based solution collects and stores supplier prequalification information. It enables quick and easy onboarding of new and existing suppliers and access to all qualification information from any web-enabled device for a consistent and accurate view of your supply chain.

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Supplier Audits

Supplier Audits

Minimize supply chain risk with in-depth supplier audits. Avetta's world-class supplier auditing service includes safety, sustainability, quality assurance, and on-site field audits while providing best practice guidance. Organizations gain visibility into how suppliers implement documented policies and procedures. Suppliers receive professional feedback to improve their business practices.

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Worker Management

Worker Management

Take control of your supply chain with employee-level qualification and training. Avetta empowers organizations to deliver and manage their supplier qualification and training processes down to the individual employee level. It also gives organizations visibility into employee qualifications and allows them to deploy site-specific training so supplier employees can start working faster.

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Insurance Monitoring

Insurance Monitoring

Simplify your management of insurance risk. Avetta enables hiring companies to easily manage supply chain risk by providing a single repository for all supplier insurance documentation. Suppliers can easily submit Certificates of Insurance (COI) as proof that proper types and levels of coverage have been acquired. Avetta insurance professionals review and confirm that client-defined limits have been accurately met.

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Get the answers you need to make better business decisions. Avetta provides a superior reporting and analytics engine to drive visibility of the supply chain. It delivers easy-to-understand, real-time insights to address your urgent business questions quickly and with deep analytics.

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Award-Winning Technology

Our cloud-based software helps businesses identify and mitigate risk within their supply chains by simplifying the complex and time-consuming process inherent with contractor management. It is intuitive, highly customizable, and preferred by the world's leading organizations for its powerful and flexible features.



Our cloud-based management system is scalable and can be configured for organizations of all sizes and across all industries.

simplicity 2


The Avetta software interface features a user-centric design that simplifies complex data capture, management, and reporting tasks.



Our REST API enables customers to easily integrate Avetta prequalification data into existing systems including CRM, ERP, vendor management, or reporting applications.



Consistently recognized for innovation and technology solutions by Silicon Review, Insights Success, CIO Review, Ventana Research and other leading publications.



Avetta software is configurable for 16 different languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, and more.

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