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Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Procurement teams today face significant challenges to find and qualify suppliers, manage supplier relationships, monitor and manage their performance—all under the mandate of lowering costs.

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Role of Procurement in Supply Chain Management

Procurement teams today face significant challenges to find and qualify suppliers, manage supplier relationships, monitor and manage their performance—all under the mandate of lowering costs.

Avetta helps the world’s largest buying organizations effectively source and evaluate suppliers, contractors, and vendors through prequalification, document management, auditing, employee-level qualification and training, insurance verification, and business intelligence. Our cloud-based technology and expert insight helps procurement teams to cost effectively improve processes, mitigate risk, and promote sustainable business growth.


Key Advantages for Procurement Managers


Protect your business by minimizing risk. Avetta provides a trusted platform to both evaluate suppliers and manage the relationships. Learn how to manage risk with our proven methodology: Communicate, Evaluate, Select, and Monitor.


Gain unprecedented visibility into your supply chain with all supplier safety statistics and risk profiles in one system. Track historical data and use leading indicators to make better business decisions.


Significantly reduce the amount of time and effort needed to vet suppliers. Avetta's supply chain management software streamlines the procurement process, and our team provides ongoing guidance and support.


Always have up-to-date qualification data on your entire supply chain. Self-reported information is verified to ensure accuracy and is updated on a yearly basis so you can make purchasing decisions based on recent data.

Procurement Services

Avetta's supply chain management solutions help procurement teams to effectively source and qualify suppliers, contractors, and vendors.

Document Management

Document Management

Get instant access to prequalification data for your entire supply chain. Avetta provides a cloud-based solution and services designed to collect and store supplier prequalification information. This enables quick and easy onboarding of new and existing suppliers and access to all qualification information from any web-enabled device for a consistent and accurate view of your supply chain.

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Prequalification Process

Prequalification Process

Avetta’s procurement platform and expert team support the pre-qualification of contracts during the RFP/RFI/RFQ process. Prequalification information, safety statistics, and client specific metrics are all housed in one location for easy access. Procurement, operations, risk-management, and safety professionals can use a single system with access to the same real-time information. Define your own compliance criteria and customize the risk levels. Quickly see which suppliers are qualified to work with you, their risk levels, and the reasons for that assessment.

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Insurance Verification

Insurance Verification

Simplify your management of insurance risk, and remove the burden of tracking Certificates of Insurance (COI) from your teams. Avetta provides a single repository for all supplier COI documentation. Suppliers can easily submit COIs as proof that proper types and levels of coverage have been acquired. Avetta insurance professionals review and confirm that client-defined limits and endorsements have been accurately met.

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Systems Integration


Procurement teams are often required to work with multiple software platforms including ERP, vendor management, and purchasing systems. Avetta’s easy-to-use API simplifies communication across your systems and empowers your team to make better decisions. Supplier data such as contact information, account status, flag status, audit data, and more can be quickly referenced from the Avetta database and displayed in multiple software applications.

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Finding Qualified Suppliers

Organizations want their projects up and running according to plan and with the best suppliers that can be found. But, finding and engaging qualified and available suppliers within a select region and trade can be a complicated and often tedious process. Avetta simplifies this process and reduces lead time with a unique geo-based search tool that enables clients to easily find and engage qualified contractors in the areas they're needed.

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Easily find and add contractors to your supply chain.

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Use advanced filters for improved accuracy.

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Identify all service areas in which contractors operate.

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View pre-approval status to narrow selection.

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"Avetta definitely saves us time and money in terms of sourcing great suppliers. We were looking for a rigging contractor, so I went on the Avetta site and found somebody that was local. They were already green flagged, so we hired them and we continue to use them to this day."

Senior Safety Construction Specialist,
Global Biopharmaceutical Company

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