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You have strategies in place to monitor and manage health and safety and influence culture and behaviors within your organization; but, what about your supply chain? Are the suppliers, contractors, and vendors who work for you similarly motivated to achieve health and safety goals?  Do their standards, performance, and culture align with yours?

Avetta helps the world’s leading organizations proactively manage health and safety in their supply chains through contractor prequalification, document management, auditing, employee-level qualification and training, insurance verification, and business intelligence. Our cloud-based technology and services help foster a culture of health and safety by raising awareness and providing greater visibility of risk throughout the supply chain.

Proactive Health & Safety Management

A proactive approach to health and safety management is the key to improving performance. Avetta’s supply chain risk management solutions help companies to align with suppliers that share similar standards for health and safety, and with the assurance that they meet established policies and procedures.

Prequalification and document management


Increase visibility of your supply chain by accessing supplier safety statistics and risk profiles in a single system. Track historical data and use leading indicators to align with suppliers that meet your safety criteria. Self-reported information is verified by Avetta to ensure accuracy and is updated on a yearly basis.

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Supplier Auditing


Minimize supply chain safety risk and increase visibility into how suppliers implement documented policies and procedures. Avetta’s world-class supplier auditing service includes safety, sustainability, quality assurance, and on-site field audits while providing best practice guidance.

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Employee Qualification and Training


Take control of your supply chain with employee-level qualification and training. Avetta helps organizations to deliver and manage their supplier qualification and training processes down to the individual employee level. Health and safety training can be customized and deployed for individual sites to speed up the supplier induction process.

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Improving Supply Chain Health & Safety Culture

To improve long-term health and safety performance, organizations must look past their own corporate culture and into the supply chain. Through careful audits and assessments, they must evaluate and partner with the goal of aligning themselves to contractors who share similar values and safety culture.

Improving supply chain culture

Avetta connects organizations with qualified suppliers. We have collected, and continue to collect, a wealth of data to provide customers with a true picture of the risk profile of suppliers and contractors. We probe contractors to get an accurate sense of management engagement and culture and then use secondary resources to support  that information.

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Measuring Health & Safety Performance

Measurement is an essential part of any management process as it provides a mechanism for continuous improvement. Measuring health and safety performance is no different, but identifying and selecting the best metrics can be challenging. The most effective approach for a complete picture is to combine both leading and lagging indicators.

Definition Measure program content and activities performed to prevent incidents Measure past incidents and incident rates
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Manuals & Training
  • Safety Audits
  • Employee Interviews
  • TRIR
  • EMR
  • DART
  • Fatalities
  • Better predictors of future H&S performance
  • Measure the presence of safety practices, instead of the absence of injury
  • More accountability for preventing injury and illness
  • Easier to collect and benchmark
  • Show progress (or lack thereof) towards safety goals
Implementation and Best Practices
  • Use a 3rd party auditing service
  • Review Safety Manuals
  • Establish a schedule for auditing both work sites and documentation/training
  • Establish a single location to store all safety-related statistics and documentation for your supply chain
  • Make sure the data is verified
  • Make sure the data is updated annually for accuracy
Avetta Services

Supplier Auditing

Supplier Employee Qualification & Training

Prequalification & Document Management

Reporting & Analysis

Avetta Analytics helps organizations to track health and safety performance by providing data for both leading and lagging indicators. Gain unprecedented visibility into your supply chain by analyzing supplier safety statistics and risk profiles in a single system. Avetta Analytics enables better business decisions and drives health & safety performance with:


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"I look at our competitors, and their core safety structure looks like it was built on toothpicks compared to ours. Avetta helped us make health and safety a priority, which resulted in business growth and the competitive advantage."

Bill Wood
Director of Client Relations,
Alliance Group, Inc.

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