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Having an effective contractor management system is critical to achieving EHS goals, protecting brand reputation, and long-term profitability. So, how does your contractor management system measure up? Is it accurate, efficient, and scalable? Is it well adopted by your contractors?

Avetta helps our customers to reduce costs and streamline contractor management through prequalification, document management, auditing, employee-level qualification and training, insurance verification, and business intelligence. Our cloud-based software platform and expert service teams work together to eliminate manual processes and remove the administrative burden of contractor management, allowing our customers to focus on the sustainable growth of their businesses.

Key Advantages


Protect your business by minimizing risk with our proven methodology: Communicate, Evaluate, Select, and Monitor. Avetta’s trusted platform both evaluates contractors and manages relationships.


Gain unprecedented visibility into your supply chain with all supplier safety statistics and risk profiles in one system. Track historical data and use leading indicators to make better business decisions.


Significantly reduce the amount of time and effort needed to qualify and manage contractors. Avetta’s contractor management system reduces administrative burden by improving processes; and, our expert team provides ongoing guidance and support.


Always have up-to-date qualification data on your entire supply chain. Self-reported information is verified to ensure accuracy and is updated on a yearly basis so you can make business decisions based on recent data.


Contractor Management Services

Avetta’s contractor management services are specifically designed to help control risk and improve safety for your company, contractors, and suppliers.

Document Management

Supplier Prequalification

Get instant access to prequalification information for your entire supply chain. Avetta provides a cloud-based solution and services designed to collect and store contractor prequalification information. It enables quick and easy onboarding of new and existing contractors and access to information from any web-enabled device for a consistent and accurate view of your supply chain.

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Supplier Audits

Minimize supply chain risk and improve business relationships with in-depth supplier audits. Avetta’s world-class supplier auditing services include safety, sustainability, quality assurance, and on-site field audits while providing best practice guidance. Organizations gain visibility into how suppliers implement documented policies and procedures. Suppliers receive professional feedback to improve their business practices.

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Supplier Auditing
Employee Management and Training

Worker Management

Take control of your supply chain with employee-level qualification and training. Avetta empowers our customers to deliver and manage their supplier qualification and training processes down to the individual employee level. It also gives organizations visibility into employee qualifications and allows them to deploy site-specific training so supplier employees can start working faster.

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Insurance Monitoring

Simplify your management of insurance risk. Avetta enables customers to easily manage supply chain risk by providing a single repository for all supplier insurance documentation. Suppliers submit Certificates of Insurance (COI) as proof that proper types and levels of coverage have been acquired, and Avetta insurance professionals review and confirm that client-defined limits have been accurately met.

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Insurance Policy Management


Get the answers you need to make better business decisions. Avetta provides a superior reporting and analytics engine that delivers easy-to-understand, real-time insights. Make confident decisions about contractor management, and strengthen your prequalification process.

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Contractor Management System

Our cloud-based software helps businesses identify and mitigate risk within their supply chains by simplifying the complex and time-consuming process inherent with contractor management. It is intuitive, highly customizable, and preferred by the world's leading organizations for its powerful and flexible features.




Our cloud-based management system is scalable and can be configured for organizations of all sizes and across all industries.




The Avetta software interface features a user-centric design that simplifies complex data capture, management, and reporting tasks.




Our REST API enables customers to easily integrate Avetta prequalification data into existing systems including CRM, ERP, vendor management, or reporting applications.




Consistently recognized for innovation and technology solutions by Silicon Review, Insights Success, CIO Review, Ventana Research and other leading publications.




Avetta software is configurable for 16 different languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, and more.


Improving Business Performance

CEMEX, a worldwide building solutions company, puts safety at the forefront of everything it does including its relationships with contractors. To maintain their high standards for safe and sustainable environments as they grew the business, CEMEX needed help to replace an inefficient, paper-based contractor management system. Avetta provided a more cost-effective technology and services solution that significantly increased supply chain visibility, reduced administrative burden, and improved health and safety performance.

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"Engagement with Avetta significantly improved our interaction with suppliers in three main areas: monitoring, measuring and evaluation. The improved reporting and accelerated escalation processes allow us to drive better performance across multiple business units."

Daniel Panormo
Strategic Planning Director,

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Avetta solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our pricing model considers both the number of suppliers under management and their associated risk profiles. To request a customized quote, please help us to understand your requirements by answering the questions in the form below.

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