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Client Referral Program

Avetta’s Referral Program provides the opportunity for customers to partner with Avetta by introducing us to prospective clients.


Avetta’s Referral Program provides the opportunity for customers to partner with Avetta by introducing Avetta to prospective clients. In return, you can choose to receive a referral fee, or alternatively "Supplier Coupons.” We work with our customers specifically on what your company allows. In addition to these incentives, clients benefit from successful referrals by effectively increasing their pool of qualified suppliers.

Why Refer

There is no competition in safety. Referring clients leads to a larger Avetta client base, which in turn gives clients access to more Avetta certified suppliers. Additionally, an increase in Avetta’s client base gives us the ability to provide even better solutions.

Submit Your Referral

Simply fill out the form below. Please provide your contact information along with the referral, and the manner in which you'd like to make the introduction.

Increase Your Odds of Receiving a Referral Bonus

Avetta works best for clients that spend a lot of time qualifying a large pool of contractors and suppliers that are susceptible to risk. Here are a few tips for ensuring the right fit for Avetta:

  • The Right Size: Typically, clients with over 100 contractors and suppliers see a cost savings from using Avetta
  • The Right Suppliers: Clients with a good mix of medium and high-risk contractors and suppliers benefit the most from using Avetta’s solutions
  • The Right Contact: Providing contact information for a decision-maker will not only increase the odds of a deal going through, it also helps the deal go through faster

Help Close the Deal

Warm introductions and continued support have a big impact on our ability to close the deal. You will be rewarded for your efforts.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.


Please email [email protected] and we will connect you with our team.

Referral information

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