Business Continuity: Defining the New Normal for Building Resilience into your Supply Chains

On-Demand Webinar

Global supply chain disruptions have forced businesses to review their supply chains and existing contingency plans to meet the demands of Covid-19 while planning for recovery. In this webinar, we will discuss practical crisis management strategies and real-life examples of organisations that have taken steps to mitigate supply chain risk and deal with the crisis.

Topics we will cover:

  • Building your journey to Business Continuity Planning
  • Business Continuity vs Crisis Management - what steps should businesses take while planning for recovery
  • Best practices and strategies to build resilience into your supply chains now and for the future
  • Case studies: learn how the Association of Labour Providers is supporting sectors impacted by Covid-19 and how Bouygues Energies & Services (UK) have applied a business continuity program to sustain operations across their supply chain.


  • Karla Gahan | Barnett Waddingham
  • Amelle Mestari | Bouygues Energies & Services (UK)
  • David Camp | ALP | AllianceHR
  • Mike Ford | Avetta