Staying Immune to Accidents in the Workplace

Author: Avetta Marketing

avetta slips trips and falls infographic

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  • A Slip: To slide unintentionally for a short distance.
  • A Trip: To catch one’s foot on something, causing a stumble.
  • A Fall: To move downward rapidly and freely without control.

No matter which of these is experienced at work, the outcome can turn out badly for both employee and employer. 

Staying immune to slips, trips, and falls is a pillar in risk management. After all, they are the second leading cause of workplace accidental deaths worldwide and hold an average cost burden of $20,000 per incident.   

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention Tips

Avetta finds that the most common causal factors in these types of accidents include uneven floors, loose mats, poor lighting, and poor ladder practices (like climbing down while carrying objects). The good news is that these are all preventable. 

wet floor caution sign

Here are nine slip, trip, and fall prevention tips for the workplace:

  1. Use a flashlight.

  2. Use ridged ramps.

  3. Clean up debris and spills.

  4. Use proper footwear.

  5. Tape down cables and cords.

  6. Keep walkways clear.

  7. Use a safety harness.

  8. Mark wet areas.

  9. Conduct regular safety training.

Following this simple advice will go a surprisingly long way in helping your employees stay immune to incidents and your organization free from repercussions. 

More Information on Risk Management

Risk management is an overarching term that covers identifying, assessing, and controlling threats to an organization. Such threats can include those stemming from inadequate quality control, unstable finances, non-compliance, poor reputation, and unsafe practices.   

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