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Making the Leap From Corporate Learner to Universal Worker Management

By Avetta Marketing
June 16, 2020
7 minutes
Making the Leap From Corporate Learner to Universal Worker Management

The Value of Integrating a Universal Worker Management System

Those of us with good experiences using an LMS can extol the benefits: less time managing classes and learners and zero-time spent grading. An LMS worth its salt already has built-in tools for you to manage learners in a centralized location.

Whether for internal or external compliance reasons, you should be able to deliver learning content and exams, track and analyze learner progress, and integrate with other tracking systems. In addition, all of this comes at a reduced cost and time spent compared to the labor-intensive process of manual grading and paper filing.  

But let’s step outside the corporate learner environment for a moment.

The Importance of a Scalable LMS

Let’s say you want to do more than track the progress of learners within your own corporate bubble. There’s a world of workers outside of your organization who pose as much – if not more – risk to your company’s bottom line and reputation.

This makes your organization vulnerable to negative activities that can result in non-compliance penalties, on-site incidents, or worse. They’re called your suppliers, and for all intents and purposes, whether B2B or B2C, they are extensions of your corporate identity.

This means you’ll need an LMS that can scale. Scalability potential to thousands of learners or workers simultaneously accessing your internally hosted LMS is largely limited unless you’ve invested in a native system.

For those who do, be prepared for not only a large upfront investment, but also monthly maintenance, integrations with other corporate systems, and continued vigilance of enhancements and updates to respond to corporate, industry, or regulatory changes.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, with a strong partner well versed in systems technology and risk compliance methodology, the internal and ongoing investment of LMS software configuration and human time could well be cut in half.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems for Complex Supply Chains

Meet Avetta. Supply chain risk compliance management and technology configurability is our domain.

Avetta’s mission is to build strong connections from corporations to suppliers, not only at the supplier company level, but to the supplier worker level as well. Those in supply chain risk management know that the strength of the supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Oftentimes, that weak link may come down to one or two bad actors or individual workers – causing enough vulnerability in the supply chain for risk to bubble up.

A strong universal Worker Management system helps suppliers fill gaps, roots out bad actors, and rewards suppliers who meet compliance benchmarks.

Avetta applies logic, integrated technology and industry insight to target and mitigate corporate risk at its most granular level. The Connect platform already allows management and tracking of supplier compliance at the company level. Now, Avetta’s Worker Management platform allows for deeper connections to the individual worker, whether internal to the corporation or to every supplier.

So, what does Avetta's Worker Management System Do?

  1. Manages All Workers – whether a supplier or internal employees, corporations and suppliers can manage all connected employees. Built with the front-end worker in mind, the system is easy to navigate, and allows streams of data to be managed through one import template. Avetta starts by configuring individual worker requirements for you based on the supplier, the project, the work site, or the job function. This means supplier employees can take required training for multiple sites in one training session, eliminating repetitive time on tasks. Avetta also tracks and blocks bad actors, even if they change employers.
  2. Captures All Data Types – yes, as expected, online courses and exams are deployable through the LMS but required licenses, certifications, or other supporting documents can be uploaded by the employee as well. Need to track live classroom data? Self-reporting functions are available, as are drug, alcohol and background check information. In other words, there is no limit on data types.
  3. Allows Training Content Creation – have your own training content for induction or other company-specific needs? Upload and deploy it through the LMS system or select from Avetta’s extensive library. Need training built around your own course objectives or training needs? Avetta’s team of instructional designers can do that for you, and you own the copyright.
  4. Configures Verification Settings – compliance approvals can be managed in collections of workers or at an individual level. Review custody is set by the client and can exist at the client level, or Avetta can perform review and approval functions. Verifications from third parties can feed from accredited providers.
  5. Creates Unique Worker Badging and Performs Custom Integrations – using QR code technology, a worker’s training and compliance records are accessible at the job site with one scan on a smart device. Worker data is updated in real time using APIs with both push/pull technology and any expirations can be flagged for supplier/client knowledge. The system also allows direct integration with facility access systems. Time and attendance can also be monitored.

Choosing an LMS for Corporate Learners

When choosing an LMS for corporate learners, ensure it comes with the most standard of features. Resist the bells and whistles and customizations that might make configuring a branching of the LMS to other users more complex. If building an LMS natively, take time, involve all stakeholders in the planning and build out to service corporate and supply chain needs.

But if you’re considering scalability, you might want to choose a partner who can both engineer and manage the bridging from hundreds to thousands for you.

We are Avetta. We service 450 clients, 95K suppliers, and 3 million workers in 120 different countries. No matter how large or small your company, we are your partner in engineering risk management solutions from the corporate level down to the individual supplier worker, no matter where they may be.

For more information about Avetta's Contractor Management software, Contractor Prequalification or Supply Chain Risk Management, visit, email [email protected] or call 844.633.3801.

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