Improving Safety Culture Ignites Business Growth for Suppliers

Author: Rene Garcia

Every company, no matter the size, should take health, safety, and environmental (HSE) regulations seriously, especially if they want to remain competitive and attract more business. 

Reputation is Everything

When working in supply chains, it’s not who you know; it’s who can vouch for what you know. No organization wants to partner with a risky supplier. Hiring companies want to know that business won’t be affected by a disruption somewhere in their supply chain. That’s why services like Avetta are so important; they allow companies to reduce risk in their supply chains by only working with suppliers that have been evaluated and verified as good business partners (Green-flagged in Avetta).

Bill Wood, Director of Client Relations for Alliance Environment Group (AEG), explains how his company was invited to adopt the Avetta platform by a client who was an existing Avetta user who could only work with green-flagged suppliers. Wood wanted to win the business for AEG, so his company registered.

“The choice to join Avetta was based on revenue and growth opportunity.” says Wood. “I’m willing to spend a little to make a lot — it’s really about vision” 

A Network of Trust and Safety

The green-flagged suppliers in the Avetta network enjoy the exposure to global hiring companies that only want to work with vetted, low-risk suppliers. That gives companies like AEG the advantage over competitors that can’t easily prove their bona fides. 

“Now, I look at our competitors, and their core safety structure looks like it was built on toothpicks compared to ours; Avetta helped us make health and safety a priority, which resulted in business growth and the competitive advantage.” explains Wood.

With Avetta, suppliers have a de facto advocate that houses all relevant documents, like OSHA logs and financial statements. When a supplier satisfies one client’s requirements, that usually satisfies several clients’ requirements, opening more opportunities for business.

“When we tell them we’re Avetta-approved and green flagged, it definitely adds some juice,” says Wood. “Now that we’re in the Avetta ecosystem, we’re connecting with potential clients that we’ve never met before. I personally put a high value on simply meeting the right people—and today we’re doing that with more clients.”

Raising Safety Standards

Interestingly, a byproduct of qualifying for Avetta supplier green-flag status is an overall increase in safety at the qualifying company. Many suppliers don’t realize where their safety gaps are until Avetta forces them to review their practices with a sober eye. This leads to safety processes being created and executed. Stakeholders are identified and accountability measures are put in place. The end result is a safer company.

This was Wood’s experience with AEG as they worked to qualify for green-flag status. “With Avetta, we’re equipped with the tools to connect with more clients, operate at the highest safety levels, do great work, and avoid hefty fines or lawsuits. You don’t get this type of springboard opportunity elsewhere.”

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