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Contractor Management Resources - Our Top Picks

By Avetta Marketing
April 07, 2020
6 minutes
Contractor Management Resources

Our Top Picks: Contractor Management Resources

Contractor management is the practice of ensuring contract workers can perform their jobs safely without increasing facility operational risks. To do so effectively, a contractor management plan must be put in place that is appropriate for each work activity.

 The plan must take into account the following:

  • Perceived risk

  • Resources

  • Organizational culture

The contractor management process must:

  • Improve the effectiveness of systems

  • Use metrics for monitoring effectiveness

  • Be appropriate for management review

Contractor management is required to safely accomplish hazardous tasks, especially those performed during intense activities or among unique challenges. It is a system of controls put in place to support both operation performance goals and the personal safety of workers.  

Protections Provided by a Proper Contractor Management Process

Using contractors from an outside organization inherently increases a company’s risk because control is harder to maintain. For those unfamiliar with a facility’s or process’ specific hazards, their work activities can unintentionally bypass normal safety controls.

To help mitigate the risks, companies need to:

  • Carefully prequalify contractors

  • Apply prudent controls to manage contractors 

By working together with the right people, training, processes, and programs in place, companies are better able to protect:

  • The workforce

  • The community

  • The environment

  • The welfare and interests of the company 


Contractor Management Resources


How to Make a Contractor Management Plan

Before any service contract is issued, a plan must be in place for managing contractors. This plan must include the following five elements:

  1. A list of prequalified contract firms

  2. A selection of specific contractors who have strong safety programs and records

  3. Appropriate documentation of the above two items

  4. Clearly set boundaries of authority and responsibilities between the contracting company and the contract employer which covers the training, monitoring, auditing, and retrospective evaluation of safety performance

  5. Flexibility to handle the many potential circumstances that may come up

The responsibility of implementing the contractor management for an organization plan falls not on one person or group alone. Contractor personnel, company staff at the facility and/or corporate level, and specific company groups (such as operations, maintenance, safety, and procurement) should all be involved when appropriate.

Top 5 Contractor Management Resources

Avetta, the expert in contractor management services, has narrowed down the field and chosen these top picks for contractor management resources. Utilizing the information they contain can better prepare your company for risks and greatly enhance your contract management plan.

1. CAPP Guide to Contractor Health, Safety and Environment Contract Requirements and Preliminary Information Request

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) is “the voice of Canada’s upstream oil and natural gas industry.” Their work is carried out through a variety of specialized Policy Groups and Priority Steering Groups. 

The Guide to Contractor Health, Safety and Environment Contract Requirements includes the following valuable example documents that can be used in your own contractor management plan:

  • Preliminary Information Request

  • Contractor HSE Qualification Questionnaire

  • Contractor HSE Management System Evaluation

2. Energy Safety Canada Contractor Management Systems Guide

Energy Safety Canada is the voice for oil and gas safety in Canada. This not-for-profit organization has the goal of zero injuries and zero incidents. Their guide was developed “to assist land based Canadian operations in developing their internal system to effectively manage service providers” and “can be also used by all employers to develop their own system or compare to an existing system.”

Included in the guide are multiple resources to help:

  1. Define scope of work

  2. Establish contractor expectations

  3. Conduct contractor pre-qualification and selection

  4. Choose and develop the appropriate agreement

  5. Manage contractors

  6. Keep records and exercise due diligence

3. COAA Contractor Prequalification Best Practice 

Construction Owners Association of Alberta “facilitates owner leadership to foster collaborative progress in the Alberta heavy industrial construction and industrial maintenance sectors.” 

Their focus is on these three overarching strategies for success:

  1. Safety excellence

  2. “Big P” productivity

  3. Effective innovation

Additionally, their Contractor Prequalification Best Practices and Presentations help “ensure that owners have access to contractors with the capabilities, capacity and expertise to perform required services.”

4. OGCA Documents

Ontario General Contractors Association is the “largest representative association in the construction industry” in Ontario. Their members include “small, medium and large firms representing both union and open-shop contractors.”

Documents available to purchase include:

  • A Guide to Prequalification of Contractors

  • Best Practices Guidelines for Concrete Construction

  • A Guide to Dealing with Onerous Supplementary Conditions

  • OGCA Site Safety Inspection Report 

5. Contractor Management Software

If the complexity of establishing, implementing, and maintaining contractor safety seems impossible and time-consuming to undertake, cloud-based contractor management software may be just the answer you need. 

With it, you can expect to:

  • Increase efficiency

  • Improve visibility

  • Maximize data quality

  • Minimize risk

This is accomplished through:

  • Contractor prequalification

  • Contractor audits

  • Worker management

  • Insurance monitoring

  • Analytics

Contractor Management Resources - Our Top Picks



Having an effective contract management process is critical to achieving EHS goals, protecting brand reputation, and establishing long-term profitability. Without it, the risks are simply too high. Learn more about Avetta's contractor management service.

For more information about Avetta's Contractor Management software, Contractor Prequalification or Supply Chain Risk Management, visit, email [email protected] or call 844.633.3801.

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