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Could Preemptive Construction Risk Management Have Prevented a Recent Construction Collapse?

Could the partial collapse of a downtown New Orleans Hotel and Casino under construction have been avoided?  

There were more than 100 workers on-site at the building, which was under construction and due to open in the spring of 2020. Unfortunately, the collapse of the structure resulted in many injuries and several deaths. 

Though the reason for the collapse is still unknown, observers reported that they saw a concrete slab sliding from the top of the building all the way down to the street. The Fire Superintendent reported that the building is still dangerous, and one experienced engineer said it could be years before liability for the collapse is determined.

While it may not be possible to avoid accidents such as this completely, utilizing construction risk management tools and procedures can significantly reduce the risk of these outcomes.  

Construction Risk Management 

In the wake of such tragedy, it is important to discuss how disasters of this nature can be avoided in the future. 

One such way to mitigate risk is by making sure all construction sites have proper construction risk management tools to ensure the safety of all workers. Construction accidents are a complicated issue, but when the right risk management systems are put in place the likelihood of these occurrences can be significantly reduced.

Finding a Solution

When contractors and various businesses come together to work on a large construction project, it’s easy to overlook many of the risks involved. A few methods that can be used to  reduce these risks include: 

Risk Management Software

Many companies track this type of data already. But the processes are usually inefficient and unorganized, using countless spreadsheets to attempt to harness all of the information. 

Avetta’s risk management software resolves many of the inefficiencies that come with traditional risk management data tracking.

By systemizing the process with a single source for all tasks related to risk management, Avetta reduces risks that come along with operating a construction site. Using a central repository for reports, insurance certificates, and other documents, the information is easily passed between departments and companies. This allows for improved communication, evaluation, selection, and monitoring. It also creates complete analytics that helps prevent disasters like construction collapses.

Identifying Risks

Organizations will always have safety risks, as well as risks related to finances, compliance, and product quality. But implementing the right risk management system will greatly reduce many of them.  

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