The Solution to Reducing Supply Chain Risk

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To minimize supply chain risk, each member of your vendor database must meet compliance requirements – from safety objectives, to sustainable business practices.

Add a complex supply chain to that – and the risks steadily increase.

Today, a comprehensive supply chain includes all third-party service providers, vendors and contractors who assist an organization in its operations – in addition to material goods. This expanded view significantly impacts your risk exposure. It means more people, that you do not directly control as part of your company, can cause significant disruption to your business.

That is an extensive list to control and requires a comprehensive, centralized solution.

The Solution

A custom fit, tailored contractor management solution is essential to managing an efficient supply chain.

It’s simpler than it sounds. Combining advanced technology, and exceptional auditing services, Avetta delivers supply chain compliance direct to your needs.

The platform is flexible and grows with you as your business expands. Central to this model is a vendor database which collects and houses supplier compliance information so that you can make informed decisions about which suppliers best support your business practices.

With your supply chain a direct reflection of your brand – this is an important distinction. By selecting only approved vendors to participate in supply chain activities you:

1.  Ehance health and safety

2.  Increase control over the supply chain

3.  Reduce environmental, social and ethical risks

4.  Create business continuity and sustainability

5.  Serve the community as a socially responsible corporation

How it works

Avetta is an easy-to-use, web-based platform.

We compile supplier information into a vendor database with real-time global access for all internal departments. The platform is highly available and data secure. Furthermore, it is built to your needs and backed by an expert staff to manage suppliers across the globe.

Avetta starts the process by collecting supply chain statistics, using the DocuGuard service. Our team of qualification specialists review suppliers’ health, safety and sustainability information. We validate that the statistics and regulatory forms are submitted accurately and provide essential assistance to suppliers as they add this information to the vendor database.

Our InsureGuard service then assigns an insurance expert to collect and review each supplier’s insurance certificate – with absolute attention to detail. We verify that the supplier has the adequate insurance necessary to meet your requirements and to limit liability.

Any supplier whose services are deemed safety sensitive in the above process is then selected for the AuditGuard service. Avetta assigns a highly experienced profession to perform a one-on-one supplier audit for these individual firms. We then review everything from paperwork to field performance in this service, based upon the requirements you request in the audit process.

Ready to help, Avetta offers expert support in 27 languages and across 89 countries. We interface with contractors directly to get them to compliance better, quicker and simpler. That is facilitated with dynamic reporting that tracks your supply chain with an actionable insight. As the fastest-growing vendor database and contractor management solution on the market – Avetta is the right choice.

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