Avetta Proudly Announces Partner Awards at Canada 2019 Regional Summit

Author: Rene Garcia

award winners

Avetta’s supply chain management softwarehas undeniable value, but it’s our clients who prove that value through their many successes around the world. That’s why Avetta takes the time to recognize our partner clients who achieve unparalleled success in their respective regions for specific categories: Connect Collaboration, Implementation Excellence, and International Partnership. Recently, Avetta held its regional Canada summit and awarded these deserving partners their accolades. 

The Award for Connect Collaboration Goes to – EPCOR 

EPCOR has been an Avetta client since 2013 and is a true collaborative partner in working to achieve best practices through the Avetta platform. Since the Connect launch in December, EPCOR has worked continuously with us to ensure maximum value, including providing constructive feedback on positive outcomes and on areas that could be improved. EPCOR provides a consistent stream of communication proving that they have engaged stakeholders. This, in turn, drives Avetta to continue improving and create more success for our clients. Avetta is proud to name EPCOR as the winner of the Connect Collaboration Award for 2019. Christine Huggatt, Jen Hapke, Jill Sturwold, Guy Greenwall, and Sandra Bexson accepted on behalf of EPCOR. 

The Award for Implementation Excellence Goes to – ATCO 

ATCO partners with Avetta to help mitigate risk and rationalize their supply chain. Throughout the process a true partnership has been built with both organizations assisting in one another’s growth and success. Over 1200 contractors have been placed in the Avetta platform with over 400 internal employees trained on the system to date. On top of that, ATCO continues its focus on growth. Their partnership with Avetta exemplifies a successful launch on more levels than can be listed here, and Avetta looks forward to a bright future together. The 2019 award for Implementation Excellence can go to no other than ATCO. Representatives from the company weren’t able to attend the Avetta Summit this year, but their award will be delivered to them. 

The Award for International Partnership Goes to – LafargeHolcim 

LafargeHolcim has been an Avetta client since 2011 and are utilizing the Avetta platform in 27 countries. Most recently, they’ve expanded into France and the Middle East. The bedrock of the partnership began in North America where LafargeHolcim continues with very strong reliance on the Avetta platform. Most notably, the Canada team, with their diligent commitment to safety and extensive use of reporting, has been instrumental in bringing forth requests, recommendations, and requirements that continue to drive Avetta forward. The winner of the International Partnership award for 2019 is LafargeHolcim. Tina Larson and Ivadeen Warden accepted on behalf of the company. 

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