Avetta Industry Watch – Week of September 19

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Industry News

  • Creating a Safer Workplace – Occupational Health & Safety:  Fall protection and planning are crucial to the safety of any healthy workplace. There are many ways to take a proactive approach to fall protocol, such as developing a fall protection and training plan.
  • How the Supply Chain Has Become Central to Business – Supply Chain Digital: Supply chains continue to become more complex and widespread. These days, their efficiency often goes hand-in-hand with the success of the business. According to Supply Chain Digital, “supply chain leaders of the future will be business people who are able to articulate operational questions in straightforward, strategic terms. They will have the ability to carry out clear, adaptive decision making, and their place will be in the board room.”

Supplier Violations and Fines

  • OSHA Requests Information on Shipyard Safety Rules Covering Falls – National Law Review: Due to fall hazards being a significant cause of shipyard fatalities and injuries, OSHA is considering updating its safety standards covering falls in shipbreaking, ship repair and other shipyard-related employment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls to a lower level accounted for 40 percent of all fatal occupational incidents in shipyard employment from 1992 to 2014.
  • OSHA Proposes Whopping Fine for Manufacturer, Staffing Agency – Safety BLR: Another example of OSHA’s insistence in equal responsibility between employers and staffing agencies for temporary worker protection has surfaced in Thomson, Georgia. An auto parts manufacturer, alongside the staffing agency who provided them with temporary employees, are facing several violations. Between the two organizations they are facing more than $704,000 in fines.
  • Ohio Etching Plant Fined $256K for Workplace Safety Violations – Insurance Journal: After a recent inspection, safety inspectors have recommended $256,000 in safety and health violation penalties. The plant is being accused of nine violations as well as an imminent danger notice after a machine operator received third-degree burns on his foot.
  • Contractor Fined $767K for Alleged Worker Misclassification on HI Hotel Project – Construction DIVE: The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR) fined a Texas contractor $767,095 for misclassifying 65 workers as independent contractors; by designating these workers as independent contractors, the company did not have to pay workers’ compensation premiums, disability, unemployment insurance and more.  


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