Avetta Industry Watch – Week of August 8

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  • OSHA Warns Against Uninsured Colorado Contractors – EHS Today: According to the Colorado Roofing Association and OSHA, Colorado homeowners should use caution when hiring door-to-door contractors – the price may be tempting, but they may be less expensive for a reason. Be sure to ask the right questions, such as, “Are you insured?" and “What kind of fall protection will you use?”
  • Procurement research shows suppliers are next frontier for innovation – Supply Chain Digital: Recent findings from Supply Chain Digital’s latest procurement study show that suppliers are the next frontrunners for innovation – nearly half of the survey respondents agreed on  these five key areas for supply chain innovation.
  • OSHA Kicks off "Hear and Now - Noise Safety Challenge" – For Construction Pros: Did you know that every year, 22 million workers risk losing their hearing from workplace noise hazards? On top of that, hearing loss disabilities cost businesses an estimated $242 million annually in workers’ compensation. Employers, contractors and employees alike can learn more about the risks of workplace noise hazards by joining OSHA’s recently launched “Hear and Now – Noise Safety Challenge.” Additional information can be found here
  • OSHA’s New Reporting Requirements [Infographic] – EHS Today: November is drawing near and your organization may be wondering how OSHA’s new incident reporting rule will impact your business. If you’re not already preparing for the rollout, it’s time to start thinking about it. This infographic provides a quick overview of the incidents that must be reported to OSHA, as well as the industries that will be included in the reporting requirements. 


How is your organization handling it?

We're taking steps internally to ensure we can support you during this crisis by:

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Maintain a current Business Continuity Plan

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Promote a safe, clean and sanitized work environment

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Enable employees to work remotely

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Institute Office Distancing policies

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No visitors to the office

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Encourage employees to self-educate using online resources (WHO)

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Restrict travel—all non-essential travel is forbidden

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