Avetta Industry Watch – Week of August 29

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Avetta in the News

  • Best practices for supplier, contractor prequalification – BIC Magazine: Every day, 10.3 million independent U.S. contractors go to work, creating 10.3 million potential opportunities for miscommunication or mistakes. Organizational decision makers can select safer contractors by using objective criteria, reaching beyond quantifiable data, creating standard prequalification forms and more. 

Industry News

  • Obama order on contractor workplace violations takes effect soon, despite objections – The Washington Post: Two years after the signing ceremony of a controversial Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces executive order, Obama administration officials are preparing for its implementation. The regulation will give agencies greater ability to deny federal contracts to companies with labor-law violations, and, once fully implemented, potential contractors will be required to report violations covering 14 workplace protections from the previous three years.  
  • 3 indispensable benefits of supply chain software – The Strategic Sourceror: Businesses are continually faced with pressure to increase supply chain visibility, transparency and traceability while demonstrating social responsibility. Investing in supply chain software and technology is one way to streamline and simplify processes, as well as improve cost-efficiency. 

Supplier Violations and Fines

  • Seattle company fined $51,000 over fatal trench collapse – Following the death of a Seattle construction worker killed by a trench cave-in during a sewer line replacement in January, the state Department of Labor and Industries has cited Alki Construction LLC more than $51,500 in total fines. The fatal incident occurred because there was no system in place to prevent the sides from caving in.
  • Rail contractor appeals “runaway railcar” fines – Regina Leader-Post: Cando Contracting has filed an appeal against the federal Transportation Safety Board and Transport, Canada’s administrative judgment, after being fined nearly $110,000 for a runaway railcar carrying asphalt that got away from handlers in March. Claims against Cando included leaving a car unattended without a sufficient number of hand brakes applied and determined sufficient through an effectiveness test and failing to properly communicate the emergency.  

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