A Successful Year in Review: New Name, Expanded Network | Avetta

Author: Rene Garcia


For those that only know us as Avetta, we’ve just completed our first year under the new brand name, but for more than 15 years now we’ve been leading the industry and building the connections that build the world.  In our first year as Avetta we’ve worked hard to expand our network, enhance our platform, and make a number of quality improvements to the user experience. Here are a just a few of our favorite highlights:


Avetta Network

We increased the total supplier base to over 51,000, adding over 6,000 new suppliers last year. New organizations are constantly discovering Avetta, and we added 48 new clients and performed 100 client launches. That raises our client base to over 300 companies with more than 1,800 unique sites and over 137,000 client/contractor connections. Finally, we added 8 new countries, allowing us to serve 163 countries worldwide in 16 languages.

Product Enhancements

We overhauled our analytics to give you more insight. We also launched Vetify, which is a white-glove onboarding service for suppliers. Clients now have even more integration flexibility with our extended API, which allows users to bring data from Avetta to their own systems. We also launched Sustainability Evaluations so that our customers can manage their supply chains with more accuracy and efficiency. Finally, we moved our technology infrastructure to AWS in Europe and the improvements are already noticeable, with 40% faster performance and increased privacy.

Customer Experience

Working with the Avetta platform is easier than ever thanks to our quality of life improvements. We added a new phone system, LIVE chat function, and new navigation features to ensure you find the right content quicker. Looking for customer case studies, whitepapers, and webinars? You’ll find them in our new Resource Center. You’ll also enjoy our new global payment system through WorldPay, giving you more flexibility with payment options. Finally, we hosted and visited with our clients at over 40 global events, including our first User Conference. We hope we’ll see you at the next one!

Industry Recognition

Our hard work has been paying off, and the industry recognition is proof of that. Avetta was listed as one of the Top 50 Companies to Watch For by Spend Matters. We also received the 2016 Technology Innovation Award by Ventana Research. Lastly, Avetta was listed as one of the 20 Most Promising Supply Chain Solution Providers by CIO Review.

If you’re an Avetta client then you’ve likely already seen these improvements as they were happening. We’d love to get your feedback to let us know how we can continue to add value for you. If you’re not yet a customer but are looking for help solving issues with supply chain risk management, then we encourage you to learn more about our software and services, and register for a FREE Demo & Consultation.

For more information contact Avetta at +1 (949) 936-4500, or

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