Mitigate Risk with these 10 Simple Loss Control Tips



Mitigate Risk with these 10 Simple Loss Control Tips

Author: Jared Smith, Co-Founder

Consider these top 10 loss control tips for mitigating risk in the supply chain:

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6 Ways Occupational Health & Safety Could Save Your Business

Author: Mina Mina, Senior Director of Client Success

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How is your organization handling it?

We're taking steps internally to ensure we can support you during this crisis by:

business continuity plan illustration

Maintain a current Business Continuity Plan

sanitized work environment illustration

Promote a safe, clean and sanitized work environment

Work from home illustration

Enable employees to work remotely

Office Distancing illustration

Institute Office Distancing policies

travel restriction illustration

No visitors to the office

travel restriction illustration

Encourage employees to self-educate using online resources (WHO)

travel restriction illustration

Restrict travel—all non-essential travel is forbidden

To learn more, we encourage you to visit our COVID-19 Resource Library.

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