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A Balanced Set of Metrics

About the Webinar

ASSP has taken the lead in updating the long-forgotten ANSI Z-16 Standard: Safety and Health Metrics and Performance Measures. Due to arrive this fall, both Z 16 and the AIHA Leading Health Metrics publication of September 2020, are using a new term, “Balanced Set of Metrics” as the new measure of S&H performance. No longer are leading or lagging metrics, alone, good enough to tell the story to influence and communicate strategic results. The approach is derived from the concept that there is no one metric that can truly measure anything important, leading or lagging. Often, the more related leading metrics are, the better lagging metrics can be predicted and influenced.

Hear today how to measure tomorrow’s health and safety performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the Drivers for Metrics
  • Defining a Balanced set of Metrics (BCM)
  • Creating Sample Metric Sets

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