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The 6 Most Commonly Forgotten Health and Safety Risks

Safety Webinar


Managing Risk Across the Supply Chain Webinar Series

Workplace hazards include a large spectrum of incidents, from machine-related injuries to chemical exposure. However, certain types of incidents occur more frequently than others.

With more than two decades of experience in the health and safety sector, Laurie Knape shares 6 commonly forgotten health and safety risks organizations continue to miss today.

In this second session, attendees will learn how to mitigate commonly missed health and safety risks, including:

  • Slips, trips and falls- What hazards should you be looking for in addition to good housekeeping?
  • Communication- Poor communication can have a significant impact to safety both written and verbal.
  • Ergonomics – Improper ergonomics including lifting poses significant risk to your workers, do you  know how to determine ergonomic stresses of a task? Have you used the NIOSH lifting calculator?
  • Risk Assessment- Reassess all your risks with a fresh look to verify that changes made to accommodate COVID restrictions did not create a new hazard.
  • Stress – Stress has both positive and negative effects. How can stress be attributed to the workplace.
  • Lone Worker -  Industry Risk Assessment, Employer-Employee Responsibilities, Solutions
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